Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wrong Side of the Street

George Zimmerman injured as not reported by the media.

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“If there is any justice left in our unjust ‘justice system,’  George Zimmerman will be found not guilty.
Perhaps if there were any honest journalists today, the pictures below would have received prime time coverage instead of the baby-faced thug Trayvon Martin.
By Daniel Greenfield, AKA Sultan Knish
The Zimmerman case is about many things, but it isn’t about George Zimmerman, an Hispanic Obama supporter who campaigned against police brutality only to find himself plucked up by the hand of Big Brother to play the villainous white racist in the latest episode of liberal political reality television….”
Excellent post JC.  I have this past week debated this case with several folks, of all ages, in my community and all Black.
Their rationale ALWAYS borders on race and negating the facts.  All they know is that Zimmerman should not have killed this BLACK boy. 
Decades of brainwashing on the Progressive plantation is embedded so deep within the mindset of many in the Black community thereby rendering them incapable of entertaining the evidence and the facts as witnessed by the endless sputtering that George Zimmerman is Caucasian.
How I love to remind people that while they are entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts.
In addition to the evidence speaking for itself, the prosecution has failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman is guilty.
One gentleman I spoke with after blaming the "white", George Zimmerman, said without thinking "Oh, didn’t you tell me that Zimmerman is not white.  My wife also said that he is not white." 
The same person then confessed to me much of what I and I am sure many others have been thinking all along.  The difference between me and them is that the hypocrites refuse to speak it aloud.  He said, "Well you know how these young guys out here are, they’re always messing with someone.”
While it may not be so cut and dry, that may just be part of the circumstances surrounding the Zimmerman/Martin altercation.
Odd isn’t that the media, race baiters and many others, who on any given day entertain these thoughts within pretend that they do not.
Work in progress is a post that I am preparing on the shootings in urban areas throughout the United States and the silence and lack of outrage by Black America.  Below is an excerpt from my up and coming post.
“… Outrage from Black America when Blacks are murdered by whatever means across America by other Blacks is nowhere near the outrage of Black America when a Black person is killed by law enforcement, rent a cops or one falsely accused of being Caucasian as proclaimed by the race baiters injecting themselves into the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial for the sake of inciting chaos, creating further division and the realization of their Progressive ideology, that if successful would destroy us all. 
In fact, said outrage is barely audible. The whole world knows that the murders of Blacks by Blacks far outweigh the killing of Blacks by any other group….”
The thought crossed my mind this morning as I listened to the hearing that since everyone knows that Zimmerman is Hispanic and STILL playing the race card, maybe Progressives are attempting to incite a race war between Blacks and Hispanics. 
Of course, they couldn’t pursue that angle in 2012 because Obama would have lost the Hispanic vote which would have cost him the election. However, now that the election over and Obama's pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants, primarily Hispanic immigrants, who is to say what end game is in the mind of these Communist manipulators.
Hispanics and Blacks are gullible and too easy to stage-manage.

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