Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Revealing Hour in Harlem w Anthony Weiner; Mocks British Reporter

anthony weiner harlem projects 08082013 screenshot  

It was just a few minutes into Anthony Weiner's door-to-door canvass of a Harlem public housing complex Thursday night….
… The scandal-scarred former congressman made his way through the building methodically, reminding residents to vote in the Sept. 10 primary and taking plenty of rebuffs along the way. ‘I already said I didn’t want to meet you,’ a woman inside one door, which remained closed, told Weiner. 'Please stop knocking on my door.’…

Another malignant narcissist, Anthony Weiner, is deluding himself. If the people whose doors he knocked on actually did make the effort to go out and vote in the primaries next month, they will vote for the darkest thing on the ballot. After all, these are the same low information voters who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.

While Weiner has a reputation of treating people like trash, Harlemites would not think twice to stick it to the Weiner. The following video is another example of the slug, Anthony Weiner, as he mocks and I suspect, flirts with a British reporter.

What a revolting character.

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