Saturday, August 10, 2013

A time to live. A time to fight. A time to die.

no knock police raid collage  

Within the parameters of the scenario, a scenario that most of you would likely find yourselves in if faced by a HIT raid, there are the following solutions: 1) Submit. This is either done because you have no choice but to look to the safety of your family, through cowardice, or a calculated move to live to fight another day. You can either fight it through the courts as you are conditioned to do within the Matrix, or you can take the fight to the enemy and actually stand up and fight tyranny. Using the court route only works within a civilized society where the rule of law still holds true. That is not the case in our current situation. Corruption and tyranny rule....

The above map points out paramilitary police raids and attacks on American citizens. Source CATO Institute,  (Map interactive).

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