Thursday, August 1, 2013

Allen West: ‘The nature of conservatism is that it sees no color’

Allen West headed to Amsterdam Tuesday to embark on National Review’s conservative summer cruise, saying he owes his success as a “young black man” to the nature of his character.
'I was invited to be a guest speaker with a premier assembly of conservative thinkers,' the Republican wrote. 'Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud to know that a young black man born and raised in his same neighborhood rose based upon character. It is this equality of opportunity that is great about America.[...]

Conservatism, indeed what a contrast. Not at all like Progressivism whose ruling class thrives on a nation forever divided, ill-bred, illiterate and weak.

Its ideology strongly opposed to freedom and the liberties of all, an ideology that feeds on evil and government dependency.

The success of Progressivism has to do with labels, chaos, slavery, racism, atheism; if only there was a way to eradicate the race baiters.

The voice of Allen West is a voice for all Americans.

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