Sunday, August 4, 2013

Common Core of Conservatism Waning in Oklahoma Leadership?

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin New Nat Governors Assoc Chair

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This is a first for Oklahoma. Our Governor, Mary Fallin, takes chairmanship of the National Governors Association (NGA) on Sunday August 4, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group is “bipartisan.” Outgoing Chair Jack Markell is the Democrat Governor of Delaware. Looking at a list of previous chairmen, each term rotates parties, Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Republican, regardless of which party holds a majority of Governors. I’m hoping Governor Fallin’s agenda will include the demise of Common Core Initiative Standards (CCIS) which she supports. Hoping but not optimistic. There is no better forum than the NGA to school states on the hot mess of Common Core. I encourage you to watch the video below of Oklahomans speaking about this issue, but friends, Common Core in Oklahoma is the same Common Core in every state that adopts it, which at this time is about 45.... 

Mary Fallon
Mary Fallon


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