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DC Mayor Rescinded Invite of Formerly Gay Black Gospel Singer to Perform at MLK, Jr. Memorial Event

 Formerly Gay, multiple Grammy Award winner, Gospel Singer and Pastor, Donnie McClurkin, headlined to perform at Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial event was disinvited by DC Mayor, Vince Gray (also Black) due to pressure from gay activists. 
Formerly Gay, multiple Grammy Award winner, Gospel Singer and Pastor, Donnie McClurkin, headlined to perform at Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial event was disinvited by DC Mayor, Vince Gray (also Black) due to pressure from gay activists.

Discriminated against for no longer being a homosexual, having the audacity to speak about it eleven years ago, Grammy award gospel singer and Pastor, Donnie McClurkin, a Black American and scheduled headliner of last week’s Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial event in Washington, D.C. was uninvited by Black leaders of the event kowtowing to gay rights activists.

Infringing upon his civil rights, gay activists reacted quickly, upon the news of McClurkin’s scheduled performance at the memorial event.  D.C,’s mayor, Vince Gray (also Black), at the last moment rescinded  McClurkin’s invitation to perform.

Washington Post
“…A mayoral spokeswoman had said that the city’s Arts and Humanities Commission and the singer’s manager had ‘decided that it would be best for him to withdraw….’

McClurkin, however, expressed otherwise via social cam (see video below).

"…In 2002, McClurkin wrote on a Christian Web site that he struggled with homosexuality after he was molested by male relatives when he was 8 and 13. ‘I’ve been through this and have experienced God’s power to change my lifestyle,’ he wrote. ‘I am delivered and I know God can deliver others, too…."
Black leaders rallied behind McClurkin calling out D.C,’s mayor, Vince Gray (also Black) for his “insidious bullying tactics.”

While Gray’s office says that McClurkin will be paid the $10,000 fee pursuant to his performance contract, McClurkin said that he has not yet been paid nor has he heard from the mayor’s office.

Translation:  The gay community has successfully hijacked, as proven by McClurkin’s absence at last week’s memorial event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights movement and King’s legacy assured that self-anointed Black leaders, correction overseers, Black sock puppets, propagandists and the mainstream media lapdogs are more than willing to carry their water. (See Huffington Post article dated today, “Donnie McClurkin Not Being Truthful about Anti-Gay Comments”)

Huffington Post references in the above article to a video (below)of McClurkin testifies about his battles, spiritual revelations and warns  parents about the perils of those who prey on their children to satisfy their own perversions.

The only ones who would find McClurkin’s testimony offensive are atheists and sexual predators.  Moreover, it is free speech, something that Progressives only tolerate if one is in agreement with their ideology.  Thus, they have declared war on this man to validate themselves while justifying their actions pursuant to last week's MLK, Jr. memorial event.

Translation of the above translation (oh entertain me):  How dare McClurkin testify and warn parents of those who would prey upon their innocent children, whether it’s a neighbor, family member or someone on the other side of the laptop screen.

Black America -- get behind gays – further back of the bus with you.  Wake up Black folks, wake up!

On a personal note, I don’t see why Black leaders who claimed to rally behind McClurkin did not boycott the event.  Instead, they did that little shuffle thing and fell into place like good little negroes.

The fact that they allowed the Progressive movement, in this instance the gay movement, to pull of the high jacking of the Civil Rights movement and King’s legacy and then to put it on display before the world fundamentally transformed last week's event into a meaningless sham.

The Civil Rights era, the legacy of MLK, Jr. has now been forever stained and now ordained something to walk all over by Progressives.

Now that gays were allowed to successfully co-opt the Civil Rights movement, who is next?  Yep, illegal aliens and as an American, I will never forgive those who allowed it to happen.

Finally, suggested reading:  No Longer a Victim, Donnie McClurkin, 05/31/2002, McClurkin provides shares his ordeal and revelations in this heartfelt testimonial.


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