Sunday, August 11, 2013

Don Lemon, CNN, to Critics and Russell Simmons, 'Attack The Problem Not The Messenger'

I take issue with just about everyone Don Lemon referenced in the above video, including Lemon himself but with the exception of Martin Luther King, Jr. and at times, Bill Cosby.   H/t Twitchy.

Many rappers through the 1980s to date earned their claim to fame by espousing and/or pushing what I personally refer to as ghetto gobbledygook whose affect has had a negative and detrimental on Black America.  Simmons’ major role in hip hop is how he got where he is today.

While history might say otherwise courtesy of revisionists, it is the likes of the 1980’s rapper that nationalized and glorified saggin’ and all the other negativities that came along with it, the result of which set not just Black America on a dark path but the country as a whole.

While I often disagree with Lemon, the talking points delivered above are valid and the bitch slap delivered to Simmons, well deserved.

Lemon is also dead on when he tells his critics to “attack the problem not the messenger” but that will go nowhere because many of those on the attack are guilty of self-enrichment on that which Black America.  Thus, they would never give up their golden goose.

As for the end of the talking points, referencing Barack Obama’s “no excuses” rings hollow being that Obama who Lemon credits with said phrase is full of nothing but excuses.

Just keeping it real.

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