Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Epic Battle Breaks Out ~ 'Million Muslim March' ~ Judge Jeanine Pirro 08172013 (videos)

Million Muslim Farce
Islamofascism: 'Million Muslim March; organizers insist they scheduled it for 9/11 not to show disrespect but to show a 'united front' against terrorism. Don't believe it....
...'We are standing this day to show America that we Muslims denounce terrorism and we want to stand with the solidarity denouncing that horrific event,' promoter M.D. Rabbi Alam told Fox News in the wake of growing outrage over the antagonistic event.
But that's not what his American Muslim Political Action Committee (Ampac) website says. A few clicks reveal that the real agenda behind the 9/11 march — the name of which has since been changed to a more mainstream-sounding 'Million American March' — is to end 'the 9/11 wars....'
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