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FBI Suspected in Tor Anonymity Malware Attacks, Cyber Attacks on Anonymous Web-Hosting, Email Services; NSA targeted journalists post 911

An attack that exploits Firefox vulnerability in JavaScript [1] has been observed in the wild. Specifically, Windows users using the Tor Browser Bundle (which includes Firefox plus privacy patches [2])appear to have been targeted….Tor Browser Bundle users should ensure they're running a recent enough bundle version, and consider taking further security precautions as described below. (Tor security advisory dtd 08052013) [note fixes at bottom of post.]

….The malware showed up Sunday morning on multiple websites hosted by the anonymous hosting company Freedom Hosting. That would normally be considered a blatantly criminal ‘drive-by’ hack attack, but nobody’s calling in the FBI this time. The FBI is the prime suspect. ‘It just sends identifying information to some IP in Reston, Virginia,’ says reverse-engineer Vlad Tsyrklevich. ‘It’s pretty clear that it’s FBI or it’s some other law enforcement agency that’s U.S.-based….’

Upon investigation, Wired noted in their 8.5.13 12:50 update that:
According to Domaintools, the malware’s command-and-control IP address in Virginia is allocated to Science Applications International Corporation. Based in McLean, Virginia, SAIC is a major technology contractor for defense and intelligence agencies, including the FBI….
In other words, not only is the FBI and other federal agencies spying into every avenue of our lives 24/7, Obama’s surveillance army has declared war on those venues that assure anonymity for Americans from the prying eyes of the oppressive and tyrannical government.

To the disdain of the NSA, FBI and other federal agencies hell bent on destroying the fourth amendment by spying on Americans, Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) inhibits the collection of data of a person’s online activities and thwarts the ability of those spying to connect data to name, address, age, phone number, etc.

TOR The Onion Router

TBB is quite popular, especially to those of us who cherish our privacy. That along with the free anonymous means of online communication offered by Tor Mail is a thorn in the side of the Obama administration.

As reported by World Socialist Website, Tor allowed whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden a venue through which to safely leak information regarding human rights abuses, oppression, government overreach, spying and corruption without being compromised and while maintaining anonymity.

As such the very same government officials smearing Edward Snowden and countless other whistleblowers that came before him are now waging a smear campaign against Tor.

Translation: Only criminals and those with something to hide would use Tor or any other anonymity tool. Sounds like something Obama, Alexander or his Progressives establishment pals would say but it does not make it so.

World Socialist Website
…The goal of Tor Mail was to provide for free a completely anonymous means of email communication to anyone who needed it. As such, it had earned a reputation as being the most anonymous email operation online.
The servers accessed by Tor, now portrayed as an arena inhabited solely by criminal elements, have been used widely by human rights groups, journalists, whistle-blowers, protesters and political dissidents worldwide, as well as members of the wider public who value their right to privacy. T
hat is why the circulation of a malicious code that has the capacity to unmask and compromise a person’s anonymity is of great concern to those who have relied on the TBB and Tor Mail as a means of anonymous communication.
Claims that the attack only affects, or should be of concern to, those engaged in criminal activities online is false….
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Clearly, behavioral modification, PSYOP, brainwashing at its lowest.

Acknowledging that some pretty nasty characters have used Tor to browse the internet as a whole to satisfy their abhorrent perversions, we who have done wrong, we who are entitled to our right to privacy and anonymity remain entitled to those rights in accordance with the fourth amendment of the United States Constitution.

Invoking the sins of perverts and terrorism is not an excuse to infringe upon the rights of Americans.

While Barack Obama puts on display some faux transparent website to cover his disdain for America’s rule of law and distract Americans from his crimes against the people, the attacks above has not once been mentioned by Progressives, Obama, their media lapdogs, the NSA, in particular, Keith Alexander.

Snowden: NSA targeted journalists critical of government after 9/11
Leaker Edward Snowden accused the National Security Agency of targeting reporters who wrote critically about the government after the 9/11 attacks and warned it was ‘unforgivably reckless’ for journalists to use unencrypted email messages when discussing sensitive matters….
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Below is Tor’s latest update. For more updates, click on this link,

Browser Bundles Posted August 13th, 2013 by erinn
There's a new Tor out and all packages, including the beta Tor Browser Bundles, have been updated. 

The stable Tor Browser Bundles have also been updated to fix a bug in the last release which prevented the language packs from working (which resulted in all of the bundles being in English!). 

We're very sorry about this.  

Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.25-12)
  • Re-add the locale pref to the Firefox prefs file to allow for localization of bundles again (closes: #9436)
Tor Browser Bundle (2.4.16-beta-1)
  • Update Tor to
  • Re-add the locale pref to the Firefox prefs file to allow for localization of bundles again (closes: #9436)

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