Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miracle: Mysterious Priest Appears At Horrible Accident, Prays and Disappears; Appears In None of The 80 Photos of Accident

The Missouri Torch

Katie Lentz was driving a Mercedes when she hit another vehicle near Center, Missouri. Her car was badly damaged. Raymond Reed, the fire chief of New London, Missouri said 'the accident crushed Lentz’s vehicle into a ball of sheet metal that lay on the driver’s side.'
Because of the high quality of the material used to build a Mercedes, and the fact it was now compressed and mangled, the tools the rescue workers were using repeatedly failed....

For personal reasons, I believe in miracles and guardian angels.

It was only after exiting the train station, and walking, two blocks to a bus stop did I notice that the days had gotten shorter.

There I was alone at this corner bus stop located in the heart of Brownsville.  There are quite a few small businesses in this part of Brownsville but the neighborhood is so dangerous that everyone boards up and closes shop before the sun sets.

Having actually witnessed on occasion employees of Con Ed, cable or the phone company running for their trucks to get out of this area mere seconds before the sun sets, it occurred to me that this was not a smart move on my part.

That night there was no one else in sight night, very few cars were coming through which made hailing a cab impossible and the street phones were all rigged to take the money of anyone stupid enough to use those phones.

I recall how black the night was as I stood there with an eerie feeling not sure if the darkness was due to cloud cover, broken street lights or alarm bells going off in my head.

It was at that moment Black teenager carrying a backpack appeared at the bus stop.

I found myself asking the teen what time it was.  He responded 6:19 p.m. and before I knew it we were engaged in a conversation, which made being on that corner bearable.

After about 15 minutes the bus showed up and as I boarded the bus ahead of the young man, I heard him say behind me, “I don't have any money to ride the bus.”

After, swiping my metrocard, I turned around to inform the young man hat I would pay his fare but he was nowhere in sight.

The bus driver asked me what was wrong.  I told him I was going to pay the teenager at the bus stop’s fare so that he could get home.  The bus driver responded “I didn't see anyone there but you."  I then asked the bus driver to hold up for second, I checked but the young man had disappeared. Poof! Gone! He was nowhere to be found.

Every now and then I think of that night and the young man knowing that his purpose there that night was to protect me and for that I am thankful. 

Indeed, I thanked God for sending me an angel that night.

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