Saturday, August 3, 2013

NSA Director Heckled At Conference As He Asks For Security Community’s Understanding

When NSA Director Keith Alexander appeared at the Las Vegas security conference Black Hat Wednesday morning, he hoped to mend the NSA’s reputation in the eyes of thousands of the conference’s hackers and security professionals. It didn’t go exactly as planned. Alexander was about a half hour into his talk when a 30-year-old security consultant named Jon McCoy shouted “Freedom!” “Exactly,” responded Alexander. “We stand for freedom.” “Bullshit!” McCoy shouted. “Not bad,” Alexander said, [...]

Understanding my foot.  The audience should have demanded input (although they would receive none) from Alexander about the sudden death of Michael Hastings and the circumstances surrounding his death.

In addition, they should have pummeled Alexander with questions about the sudden death of hacker, Barnaby Jack, exactly one week before he was scheduled to appear alongside Alexander at the Black Hat conference this week.

Jack who, at last year's Black Hat Conference, proved that ATM's could be hacked and emptied of its contents planned to prove at this week's Black Hat conference that it was possible to "wirelessly" commit murder.
New Zealand hacker Barnaby Jack was found dead in San Francisco on Thursday, July 25, days before he was due to attend a Black Hat Hacking conference in Las Vegas, where he would outline his much-touted method of finding the weak points in pacemakers. Jack was going to show how it was possible to exploit a pacemaker and remotely kill someone...
...As well as being able to internally fry your body, Jack knew how to tamper with wireless insulin pumps too, altering the amount of insulin delivered to the body or preventing the patient from receiving insulin at all. Another way he could wirelessly murder people. In an age where people hack cars, nuclear power plants, and electric power grids, it wouldn’t be surprising if some twat decided to wirelessly blow up another person’s heart....
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Taking into consideration the questions surrounding the death of Michael Hastings, most of us would have had an open ear to what Jack had to say but then maybe that was the problem and someone set out to eliminate what government officials among others in power would have perceived as a threat.  Not to mention Jack’s attendance at this year’s conference with all he had to offer would have most certainly upstaged NSA’s cyber-warfare czar, General Keith B. Alexander.

NSA, Obama administration aside, judging from the second video above, Jack’s revelations would have been a threat to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  Enter the lobbyists?  Was Jack intentionally silenced and is government and corporations they are in bed with above committing such acts?  We all know the answer to that one.

Finally, Alexander, Obama and their whole spying operation has lurched millions of Americans out of our comfort zones so if the hecklers wanted to heckle, they should have made an art of it lurching Alexander out of his.

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