Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Family’s Wahhabist Fundraising Empire; Cousin Musa Chats it up w Al Jazeera

Obamas' kenya family photograph

See: The Obamas’ Wahhabist Empire: Barack’s First Cousin spills the beans (pdf) or (Scribd document below followed by the 3 part interview of Al Jazeera interviewing Barack Hussein Obama’s cousin, Musa Ismail Obama.

Topic of discussion  lifestyle of the Obama’s in Kenya post Obama presidency, the family’s Wahhabist fundraising empire and proselytizing Kenya.

At 09:36 of part 1, the interviewer refers to Kenya, as Barack Hussein Obama’s birthplace. Cousin Musa cleans it up fast but the cat, once again, is out of the bag.

Translation: Everyone knows Obama lied about his birthplace but Americans. Hmmmmm.


Straight from the Muslim’s mouth, Cousin Musa’s confirms the push for the Islamization of Kenya. Of course, Muslims call it Dawa, i.e., the proselytization of Kenya.  See: Jihad in Kenya: Explosion in Attack on Church in Kenya Injures 15

Source: Waled Shoebat Atlas Shrugs

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