Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oprah’s parallel and why Trayvon Martin is no Emmett Till GBTV 080613 (Warning: Graphic Image)

 Oprah Winfrey plugging her new movie decided to throw her voice into the ring of propaganda by paralleling the death of Trayvon Martin to that of Emmett Till murdered while on a family vacation in Mississippi in 1955 by a group of racist, evil sobs.

For the record, I had no intention of addressing Oprah’s remarks but after pondering and revisiting the death of Till which until this day still shakes me to the core, Oprah gets it from me with both barrels so let me start by saying to Oprah, “No bitch, there is no way in hell that the death of Trayvon Martin parallel's the death of Emmett Till.” (pardon the language; I’m a little pissed at the moment.)

My mother made sure that we all knew the story of Emmett Till but she spared us that horrific image of Till in his casket. I never saw that photograph until I was an adult.

Till, who had polio, as a young boy stuttered. He stuttered when nervous so his mother taught him to whistle which is what Till was doing that fateful day in the store when a white woman accused the teen of whistling at her. From that second on Till’s fate was sealed.

The men who tortured and murdered Emmett Till did so because they were evil. They were racist and everything they did to that child, they meant to do.

The death of Emmett Till cuts me to the core as I am sure it does everyone who familiar with the name Emmett Till and the events surrounding his death.

The altercation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman that resulted in the death of Martin can in no way be compared to the death of Emmett Till and the very idea that Oprah Winfrey, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Sheila Jackson Lee or any other profiteer of race would dare compare the two is reprehensible.

To link the death of Trayvon Martin to the death of Emmett Till is Progressive revisionist history and those who do parallel the two deaths do so because of an agenda nefarious in nature. Plainly put, it’s a damned lie and unconscionable that anyone would stain the memory of Till in such a manner.

As for Oprah, once a fan, I was done with her by somewhere around her third year on national television when she did, some lives shows at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

During one show that was televised, Oprah gave the mic to a teenager in the audience who confessed on camera to Oprah in the presence of her mother that she was being raped repeatedly by the mother’s boyfriend.

For less than a minute, Oprah dropped her guard, the expression on her face was one of excitement, like wow, I got this and the camera’s rolling. Then suddenly this bitch remembered that excitement and glee was not quite appropriate for the moment at hand and quickly, she regained her composure.

From that day on, I was done with Oprah. Thus, the fact that she’s plugging a new movie, her remarks and the timing of this woman espousing propaganda that is more in line with despicable White House talking points only validates my disdain for the woman.

As far as Oprah being the most influential American in the country, I’ll chalk that up to propaganda as well.


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