Monday, August 26, 2013

Tea Party Community, an Alternative to Facebook

Tea Party Community logo.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia.
Just thought that I would give it a mention: Even though #FacebookBLACKOUT has ended, there exists a pragmatic alternative to Progressive FB, i.e., Tea Party Community @TeaPartyHub.

Additional link:

Disclosure:  While I have had an account at both sites for a while now, I expect that in time, one of us (Facebook or me) will give the other the final kiss off.

I have read on some sites that this is about bringing Facebook down. As always, there are those who get it and those who do not. Whatever, the alleged rationale was behind yesterday’s #FacebookBLACKOUT, allow me to put it on record that I could care less about Facebook.

Speaking for this patriot, this about all things American, my liberties and the first amendment which Facebook has is big on infringing upon when it comes to non-Progressives.

Finally, I like Tea Party Community and being in the company of patriots. You might want to check it out for yourself; and pass the word.

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