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UPDATE/REMINDER #FacebookBLACKOUT- Sunday, August 25, 2013 - Please share!

boycott Facebook August 25

In follow up to my post,  #FacebookBLACKOUT – Sunday, August 25, 2013. SICK of Facebook Targeting Conservative Americans?, below are specific instructions as to how one suspends (deactivates) their FB account temporarily and the timeframes for the blackout courtesy of #FacebookBLACKOUT.
We are organizing a nationwide ‘blackout’ of Facebook to protest their arbitrary and capricious policies targeting conservatives with censoring and suspensions. We are asking for all conservatives to suspend (deactivate) their accounts for at least 24 hours on August 25th. If you are a business or promoting a page and have a FB advertising account, we are asking that you also suspend that for 24 hours.
Eastern Time: 8/25/13 at 2:00 am Central Time: 8/25/13 at 1:00 am Mountain Time: 8/25/13 at 12:00 am Pacific Time: 8/24/13 at 11:00 pm
1. Go to account settings.
2. Click on security.
3. Choose to deactivate your account and follow the instructions.
4. When given the option to choose, select ‘This is temporary. I will be back.’

Then continue following the instructions.
5. When you reactivate, it is just a matter of logging in as usual.
WARNING TO PAGE ADMINS. If you administer a page for a business, or group or any other organization, YOU MUST MAKE SOMEONE in addition to yourself AN ADMIN TOO. If you deactivate your profile and you are the SOLE ADMIN of a page, you run the risk of losing that page, its content and your LIKEs. So make a friend or relative an admin of your page OR consider unpublishing the page for 24 hours so it will not be deleted when you deactivate on Sunday, August 25. YOU WILL ALSO BE WARNED ABOUT THIS WHEN YOU GO TO DEACTIVATE YOUR PROFILE/TIMELINE.
Open Letter to Facebook:
It is important that you understand that we would rather be using Facebook to share with others and make the world more open and connected instead of participating in this blackout event. We are taking part in this worldwide ‘blackout’ of Facebook to protest your arbitrary and capricious policies targeting conservatives and similar groups with censoring and suspensions.
Conservative, Libertarian, Republican, Christian and similar groups seem to be held to a different standard than other users on Facebook. We have been unjustly punished for participating in the Facebook community. We fail to see how this makes the world more open and connected.
We wish to speak freely on matters and people of public interest by challenging ideas, institutions, events, and practices while respecting others regarding their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition. If we fall short of this standard, we expect to be sanctioned for genuine violations.
A great deal of our posts, pages, events and profiles are being unfairly censored or banned under the guise of Community Standards violations even when no such violation is committed, while other points of view, with much harsher rhetoric (including threats of physical violence) are allowed to continue. We call for an end to the Community Double-Standard. We ask only that your rules apply to everyone, equally and fairly. Only then will you truly fulfill your mission.
We the participants of the Facebook blackout event

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