Monday, August 26, 2013

U.S.-Trained Commandos Moving toward Damascus

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The Clarion Project
According to French newspaper Le Figaro, a West-backed rebel military operation to topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, under the supervision of Jordanian and American forces, has already begun. Citing unnamed military sources, the report said that the first troops trained by Washington and Amman were deployed in mid-August in the Deraa region.
A 300-strong group of Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters crossed the border with Syria on August 17, and were joined by another group two days later….
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Keeping it real, Barack Obama does not give a damn about the Syrians. The Syrians have been suffering and dying for more than two years while Obama pretended not to notice.

Moreover, John Kerry’s press conference is part of Obama’s latest dog and pony show, for the purpose of distracting attention away from the genocide of Coptic Christians by Obama’s BFFs, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Thus, to distract the world’s attention away from the atrocities underway in Egypt and Africa by the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Obama is complicit, the dictator is invading Syria.

Adolf Hitler would be envious of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Must every move that this despot makes be unconstitutional and impeachable?

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