Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who's Kidding Who Barry? This Debate Would NOT Be Happening w/o Edward Snowden.

this is the government our founders warned us about

Barack Hussein Obama and his NSA czar, Keith Alexander keeps spinning it but Americans are not having it. The bottom line is that if it were not for now exiled, Edward Snowden, exposing the Obama deception, Americans would be still in the dark about government spying illegally on Americans in violation of our fourth amendment rights and we're not about to think otherwise because Barack who doubles as a serial liar, say so.

Tech Dirt
One of the more ridiculous claim's during President Obama's press conference on NSA surveillance today was the claim that he had already started this process prior to the Ed Snowden leaks and that it's likely we would end up in the same place. While he admitted that Snowden may have "accelerated" the process, he's also claiming that the leaks put our national security at risk....
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Finally, Sotero should really stop blaming Edward Snowden for the NSA scandal. After all, if Barry would have kept his promise about a transparent presidency, Americans could have nipped the spying in the bud four and half years ago.

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