Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Little Something to Ponder this Sunday Morning

God Bless America 004 United We Stand
51 percent American favor government shutdown to cut Obamacare
25 Democrats who voted to fund Obamacare 09272013
I stand with Truckers October 11 to 13
Does Benghazi sound like a phony scandal
Obama Hamas
obamacare trick or treat obamacare bad medicine
No matter who is president Jesus is King
Obama lied to Tyrone Woods father
two old white men that love obamacare
Benghazi red line
Names and faces of Democrats who walked out during Benghazi hearing 09192013
Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood
obama media lapdogs ignore benghazi
Obama Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of white house
John-Deweys-communist-philosophy common core
sequester no jobs muslim brotherhood death to usa (2)
Obamas signed legislation repealing parts of Obamacare
Obama syrian rebels
wmd missing
Obama funding al Qaeda
Obama cancels white-house-tours
Slavery Obamacare is the law accept it
my tweet to obama
common core indoctrination
CIA NSA Disinformation
Nancy Pelosi sweet dreams
Obama hypocrisy Syria chemical weapons killing children abortions
Sequester White House Tours closed but 500000 will get you access to Obama
siding w obama on syria a career ender for politicians from pissed off Americans
Kerry Snowden the world
obamacare green eggs and ham
gun bans constitutional rights
senators who authorized military strike received more defense cash screenshot
common core crush Congress Exemption Obamacare
cicero quote a nation surviving its fools cannot survive its traitors
Ted Cruz Obamacare young people DefundObamacare MakeDCListen
Obama traitor cicero
obama irs scandal administration political cartoon
25 Republican traitors
my tweet to obama 002
First Amendment
Obamacare destroying private individual market for health  insurance by design
call NSA in case of lost email screenshot
nixon obama government surveillance
fourth amendment violation cartoon steve benson cagle cartoons
second amendment Politifake

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