Wednesday, September 25, 2013

American Rescued during Kenya Islamic Terrorist Attack says she was Rescued by U.S. Security Team

American, World Bank lawyer Bendita Malakia (l) reunites with her mother (r) 
says that U.S. Security team rescued her from staff room of store in 
Westgate Shopping Mall during terrorist attack.

South Carolina resident, Harvard educated, World Bank lawyer Bendita Malakia, an American says that she was rescued last Saturday by a U. S. security team after hiding for five hours in the staff room of a store in the Westgate Shopping Mall during the Islamic Terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.

Daily Mail
...That is according to Bendita Malakia, the Harvard-trained lawyer who was caught up in the siege and hid along with 15 others in a store inside the mall for five hours before the armed men arrived to lead them to safety….
…Rushing to the exit, accompanied by the armed security men who she believed were from the United States, two grenades thrown from only 30-feet away detonated near to them, but thankfully for Malakia she escaped and returned home to her parents on Monday....
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The Pentagon, Department of State and the World Bank insist that they did not have any security teams on the ground at the time of the attack.  Not sure I buy that which leads me to ask:

#1 – What does this woman do at the World Bank?

#2 - Baaaaaarack? What have you been up to? And does this have anything to do with the lack of footage, information and regurgitation of same ultra-sanitized images available to Americans when searching the internet for information on the Westgate Shopping Mall Islamic Terrorist attack last weekend in Nairobi, Kenya?

Of course, all will say that she was hysterical, in fear of her life, not thinking straight or it’s all in her head yada, yada, yada.


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