Monday, September 2, 2013

Barack Obama MUST be DENIED His War in Syria.

No War

Having felt less than 100% these past few weeks, I have often thought of the events churning about in the Middle East, etc. but have not exactly been up to having my say.

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Thus, it is with great relief that I ran across this Labor Day morning, an op-ed written by Diane Sori's The Patriot Factor entitled, "Going to war with less than noble intentions."
….while still bloviating that US national security interests are at stake…which we all know they are NOT for our contact with Syria and theirs with us has been fleeting at best for many years now…Obama knows that if the US acts unilaterally and goes it alone that he just might ignite an all out Middle East war with Israel at the epicenter…but that could very well have been his game plan all along, and been so since he first started bloviating about 'red lines' in the sand...maybe even using the same two words Netanyahu used when speaking about Iran just to throw it back in his face.  I would NOT but it passed Obama to do just that….
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For starters, the job of the United States military is to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We must not allow Obama, his administration, Stephanie Powers, Congress and the Senate, all of whom have too often put on display their  disdain for the U. S. Constitution, the nation, its people and our military. 

Obama must not be allowed to implement his less than noble agenda to manipulate the all of the above, especially a severely debilitated military (decimated and demoralized because of Obama’s own doings) into another war.

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This is not about American interests -- Syria’s civil war is not a war of our own and no amount of sugar-coating or parading about photographs of dead children will make it so.

Moreover, Obama views the United States military that he despises, has neglected and maltreated as HIS personal lap dogs to be thrust across the globe into battle; in pursuit of Obama’s personal bidding, which in this instance is to protect and empower his fellow jihadists in a war that is overwhelmingly anti-American, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian.

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Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabists, Ansar al Sharia and the rest of the merry band of anti-Semitic, anti-Western, anti-Christian bloodletting jihadists are not our friends and, i.e., something else that Obama cannot ordain it to be.

Our men and women deserve better.  Their families deserve better.  The nation deserves better.  Israel deserves better and Christians deserve better.


The U.S. Military Does Not Want To Fight For Al-Qaeda Christian Killers In Syria (Excerpt:  The Beginning of the End)
Why is the Obama administration so determined to have the U.S. military help al-Qaeda win the civil war in Syria?  Why are we being told that the U.S. has ‘no choice’ but to help rabid jihadist terrorists that are slaughtering entire Christian villages, brutally raping Christian women and joyfully beheading Christian prisoners?  If you are a Christian, you should not want anything to do with these genocidal lunatics.  Jabhat al-Nusra is a radical Sunni terror organization affiliated with al-Qaeda that is leading the fight against the Assad regime.  If they win, life will be absolute hell for the approximately two million Christians in Syria and other religious minorities….
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The American people must make our voices heard loud and clear. The U. S. House of Congress and the U. S. Senate must not hesitate to deliver to Barack Hussein Obama, a resounding NO VOTE.  Nothing less will do.

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The Beginning of the End
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