Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EGYPT: Judge Calls For Disbanding of Muslim Brotherhood, Shuts Down Al Jazeera - 11 MB Members Sentenced to Life.

As reported by the Washington Times, a panel of judges in Egypt has recommended the disbanding of the Muslim Brotherhood thereby stripping it of its “non-governmental organization status.”
…a move that would officially dissolve the group, at least in the eyes of the military-backed leadership.
The recommendation comes just as the Muslim Brotherhood announced it was going to state a ‘million-person march’ on Tuesday — and right after a Cairo police station staffed with government forces was bombed, Breitbart.com reported….
As reported by Ahram Online, the Egyptian military court sentenced 11 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to life in prison and 45 members of the MB received five years in prison for violence last month against the Egyptian military in Suez.  H/t MFS – The Other News.

Claims from the Egyptian government are that the stations shut down were pro-Morsi, i.e., biased towards the Muslim Brotherhood based on its reporting and thereby declared a “national threat.” (See, Egypt Court Bans Local Al Jazeera Station Over Accusations That It Is Pro-Muslim Brotherhood.)

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