Thursday, September 5, 2013

Following Benghazi, report finds security not State Dept. priority

Reblogged from CNN Security Clearance:
By Elise Labott
An independent panel has found the State Department has not overall paid enough attention to oversees security for diplomatic posts and called for it to be elevated in importance, several sources familiar with the matter said.
Led by former Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, the panel was created as part of a broad inquiry of last September's deadly terror attack on the U.S....
…The findings do no not specifically address the State Department's handling of the attacks, but point to Kennedy's office for not paying enough attention to the diplomatic security bureau.
It recommends creating new senior-level oversight ‘as a matter of urgency’ to give security matters more of a priority at the top levels of the State Department….
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Secretary of the State Department, John Kerry, would beg to differ.

Translation:  Benghazi and the death of four Americans is not a priority of the State Department and, therefore, unworthy of the time of day AND as for the rest, DEAD AMERICANS, DEAD DIPLOMATS, DEAD NAVY SEALS, COLLATERAL DAMAGE.
‘…The department's present direction of expeditionary diplomacy, operating with an increasing number of temporary and permanent posts in complex, high-risk environments, requires an organizational paradigm change,’ it said….
The only thing that the Obama administration gives a damn about is running out the clock.

Six days from now will be the unfortunate one year anniversary of the Benghazi, Libya terrorists’ attacks in which four Americans, US Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Information Officer, Sean Smith and NAVY Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods died because Barack Obama was too busy campaigning in addition to calls to stand down by someone in the Obama administration.  Yet, one year later, we are no closer to learning the truth about that fateful day as a result of a cover up by the Obama administration.

Americans must not allow Barack Obama to use the U. S. military intervention of Syria to deflect attention away from the one year anniversary and cover up of Benghazi by a corrupt regime.

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