Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FOX, CNN, CBS, NBC, PBS and ABC Interviews w/ Barack Obama Re Syria War Agenda 09092013 (videos)

07:18 of video Blitzer:   One final quick question, 9/11, the anniversary this Wednesday, should Americans expect some sort of attack?
07:25  ObamaI think we're always on heightened alert on 9/11.  We will continue to be…. but we still have threats out there, particularly outside of the homeland.

Backtracking to May 2013 when Obama said that “…US could not wage ‘a boundless global war on terror’ but must face a new reality where threats come from regional jihadists and home-grown extremists.  ‘Our systematic effort to dismantle terrorist organisations must continue. But this war, like all wars, must end,’ Mr Obama said. ‘That's what history advises. That's what our democracy demands….”

Thus one can interpret those words uttered less than six months ago to mean that Obama considers jihadists no longer a threat because he is now in bed with jihadists and democracy be damned.

Know that whenever Progressives say that what they are doing is for the children; be advised that it is not.  Obama is a serial offender.

Another point worthy of noting is that Syria is no longer a threat to the United States although just days ago it was.

Syria is a sovereign nation and while both Obama and Assad are despots so what makes the one in the White House think that he could demand that Syria turn in their weapons.  Better yet, how is it that Obama believes that he is within his right to invade Syria or act as a hit man for Saudi Arabia?

Will Obama twist the facts tonight in his speech to Americans by inferring that it is he who checkmated Putin rather than the other way around?

Finally, time to use the race card as Univision and Al Jazeera has announced that they are offended at Obama’s leaving them out of yesterday’s media blitz.

Al Jazeera
…considering Washington's decisions in the past decade have had an arguably deeper impact in Iraq and Afghanistan than in Iowa and Montana, President Obama must answer to Arabs as he does to the American people, regarding future wars in Syria or elsewhere in their region.
And there's only one major network that reaches the majority of Arabs and Muslims and others in the greater Middle East.
If President Obama reckons it's important to speak to six US networks, then talking to Al Jazeera - Arabic and English channels - is paramount for any future action in Syria….


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