Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Israel’s Elites Babble About ‘Peace’ & ‘Reciprocity’, But Islamic Adherents (including Abbas’s PA Junta) Plot Jihad – Commentary by Adina Kutnicki

Commentary by Adina Kutnicki
As always, Professor Paul Eidelberg, a true Renaissance man, asks the most penetrating/searing questions. A fellow traveler, Dr. Arieh Eldad, more than understands the psyche of Islamic adherents from both a medical/surgical perspective, as well as from having been a previous member of Israel’s Parliament. In addition, he reached the rank of Brigadier General in Israel’s Defense Forces….
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Excellent commentary and worthy of note by anyone whom for one minute is not concerned with the betrayal and attempts to destroy Israel by  Obama and his crew of jihadists.

Obama betrayal of israel Motifake

Suicide is fatal as would be putting one's trust in the American government so long as the Hussein Obama regime remains in power or any elites of the Progressive establishment for that matter.

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