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Jihad - America's Wildland Fires.

Beaver Creek, Idaho wildfire August 2013 003
I have been paying particular attention this past year and a half to the many forest fires, wild fires, dry weather fires, whatever one cares to label them and one thing is certain, each fire appears to be more sensational and far worse than the last.

With the commission of each fire, property, land and lives are devastated not to mention, the cost, time and effort it takes to get these fires under control.

What is petrifying for one who evolved from a pre-teen to young adult during the “Burn Baby Burn” era throughout inner city America during the late 60’s to mid 70’s is that many of the fires, maybe even the majority are arson which leads us down the road to terrorism, i.e., arson jihad, fire jihad, wildland arson, etc.

As reported by WND (h/t Global Geopolitics), this year:
…35,440 reported fires have burned a total of 3.9 million acres, with a quarter-million acres scorched the iconic Yosemite National Park.  Large blazes continue to burn in several states, with six alive in Idaho, five each in California and Montana, and one each in Alaska, Louisiana, Oregon, Texas and Washington….
One blaze in Colorado by the time it is all said and done is estimated to cost Americans somewhere around $120 million.

When Navy SEAL Team Six raided Osama Bin Laden’s compound and took him out, they found countless documents and plans outlining Al Qaeda’s intention of launching economic warfare against the United States in the form of wildfires.  The results of such an attack would be successful on many levels.  Besides the destruction of property, American landmarks, landscapes, loss of life, such fires would become a burden economically on the nation.

Former National Security Agency official and Aviation Week editor, William Scott, in 2012 speaking at the American Center for Democracy announced that terrorists are using arson as a tactical weapon of war against the United States.  See video below.

While government officials and the mainstream media concern themselves with Terry Jones burning the Koran, there appears to be a media blackout on the subject of Islamic jihadists burning our country down, one forest or section of the American landscape at a time, i.e., fire jihad.

As far as I am concerned, whether it is the federal government, our Muslim non-leader and his media lapdogs, those keeping us in the dark are just as complicit as the jihadists launching the fires.

Those of us paying attention are aware that jihadists are burning down churches, homes, forests, landscapes all over the planet; thus it should come as no surprise that the same is going on here in the United States.

California Wildfires: Jihad Via Arson, Its Fingerprints In Israel Too. Al Qaeda In The Forefront…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki
...Back in July 2012, a few weeks into the inception of this site, a highly trusted contact advised it would be worth the time/effort to explore the above issue. Based on the level of insistence from the aforementioned contact – an investigator with a wealth of experience – it soon became clear, indeed, it was a subject which required immediate attention. Thus, Jihad Via Arson: As Fires Rage, Here (in Israel), There (in the U.S.), A Fatwa On Our Heads became this blog’s starting point. It was given a heads up. The go ahead.
A few months later, October 13, 2012 to be exact, Islamic Wildfires Coming Full Circle: To A U.S. Forest Near You made its debut….
Continue reading

Al Qaeda and other jihadists groups consider fire jihad a viable tool in the war against Israel, the United States, Europe and non-Muslims across the globe as we have laid witness to their horrific acts these past few years to date in the genocidal attacks against Christians in Egypt, Alawites in Syria and other genocidal assaults being committed throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.
We must be mindful that Islamic jihadists come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.

Fire Wars – Forest Jihad in America
… political correctness seems to override Israeli and Russian warnings of that jihadist modus operandi. How many Tzarnaevs are hiding in Colorado’s woods?
While many of the fires that have scorched millions of acres and destroyed thousands of homes in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and other states have been identified as arson, none have been publicly attributed to criminal or terrorist groups, despite the presence of Mexican gangs and large number of other illegals in our Western states…
Oh yes, Islam’s or as some would say Iran’s Invisible Army.  While the U. S. government claims it is concerned about Hispanics throughout the North and South American hemisphere converting to Islam, they and the threat that comes with such a conversion is also for the most part being kept in the dark.

Mexican gangs, Latin-American Islamic jihadists are the perfect useful idiots for our enemies in the Middle East and Asia.  A jihadist by any other label is a jihadist.  The threat is imminent, here to stay and most Americans are still not getting it.

Earlier this summer, Palestinian terrorist group, Masada al-Mujahideen, claimed credit for the Arizona wildfires which resulted in the death of 19 firefighters.  Keeping in mind that Obama will always stand with the Muslim it comes as no surprise that the U. S. government denies that Masada al-Mujahideen may have played a role in the fires.

On a final note, media outlets are now suing for the release of the records in the death of the 19 Yarnell firefighters who died earlier this summer in the Arizona wildfires.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Throw PC out the window America and wake up.

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