Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Moments Ted Cruz Filibuster #DefundObamacareBecause, #MakeDCListen

Included in this post are videos of several old school politicians whom the surprise of many including me stood with Ted Cruz.

Giving credit where credit is due, these men are deserving of acknowledgment.  They sacrificed an evening away their establishment bars, dinner and sports clubs, HDTVs, families and beds to stand with Cruz during his filibuster and unlike so many of their peers, they opted to stand with the American people.

Yes, I agree.  It is a sad day that we, the people find ourselves in such a position but it is what it is, so there but I make a point of mentioning it because the media will the Cruz filibuster off as if only “wack-o birds” were in attendance.  Thus, I choose to set the history straight.

Three hours into Ted Cruz non-filibuster, filibuster, the great Senator from Kentucky reciprocates, Senator Rand Paul.  Mind you, it would be the first of many appearances by Rand Paul during the next 18 hours either on the Senate floor or on Twitter.

Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the few old school Republicans who showed his face on the Senate floor during Ted Cruz’ now infamous non-filibuster filibuster.

Throughout the night, Cruz read tweets from Americans with the hash tags #DefundObamacareBecause AND #MakeDCListen.

Images courtesy of Frugal Cafe Zone

Hours later after the conclusion of the non-filibuster filibuster, Sessions speaking on the Senate floor remained true to his word.

Marco Rubio – present

It was apparent late Tuesday night that Tim Kaine was sent to the Senate floor after Dick Durbin had been annihiliated the first time by Cruz.  A bad play for Progressives who apparently expected Kaine to Ted Cruz wearing down and off his game.  Result SMACKDOWN #2 (or 3) of the night.  (If able to find full video of exchange, I will post it here.)

James Inhofe, another old school politician, was among the few Senators who deserves credit for time spent in the U. S. Senate during the filibuster.

Mike Enzi – present.

I thought Pat Roberts, who offered to get Cruz breakfast, was pretty cool as can be viewed in these snippets followed by another video of Roberts engaging Cruz.

David Vitter – present.

In spite of the mocking by Progressives elites and their media lapdogs Cruz accomplished what no one else on the right could.  The statesman opened the floor for those voices squashed these past years on the right that stood in opposition to Obamacare thereby debunking Progressive propaganda that Republicans are the party of no, do not have a plan and are just bitching off because Obama is Black.

Moreover, Cruz has successfully managed to get Americans to focus on the train wreck barreling down upon us.  EPIC!

With the whole country now paying attention, during yesterday’s afternoon on the Senate floor, Senators Cruz, Lee and Rubio engaged in a colloquy, I am sure to the disdain of the Progressive elites in the U. S. Senate.

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