Monday, September 30, 2013

Neil Cavuto Puts Obama and Obamacare on Blast

...You think we’re the skunk at your picnic, but that does not mean we are the ones that stink, because that smell isn’t coming from the folks reporting on your lawn. Mr. President, that smell is your law.”   Neil Cavuto, Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Friday, Neil Cavuto professionally and adroitly put Terrorista Obama on blast and deservingly so when a day before, a very un-presidential, malevolent, community organizer, Barack Hussein Terrorista Obama once again displayed his true colors by launching into a tirade against those Americans disapproving of his prize piece legislation.

Like a rabid dog, Obama railed against Fox News pointing the news channel out as the reason that millions hate his prized Obamacare.

And so, Friday's Your World w/Neil  Cavuto’s began with sparks flying as Cavuto began his monologue with the words, “Well, this, THIS, THIS has just got to stop” followed by an excerpt of  Obama’s  assault on Fox News wherein the propagandist-in-chief blamed the news channel for the nation’s abhorrence of Obamacare.

Cavuto followed up with a well-deserved fact check setting the record and Obama straight in a manner that was guaranteed to make Obama cringe and make a run for the White House courtyard out of need for a smoke.   See video and transcript below.

OBAMA: “ If you’ve talked to somebody who said, ‘Well, I don’t know. I was watching FOX News and they said this is horrible…”
NEIL CAVUTO: “ Mr. President, we at FOX News are not the problem. I hate to break it to you, sir. you are. Your words are, your promises are. We didn’t sell this healthcare law, sir. You did. Remember this?” 
OBAMA: “ If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.” 
NEIL CAVUTO: “ Not so. “ Mr. President, tell that to tens of thousands of retirees at IBM and Time” Warner and dozens of others, who have been dumped from their coverage and told to find their own coverage. Now, FOX News didn’t break that news to them, Mr. President, their companies did.” 
FOX News didn’t push more of those firms to hire part-time workers, your healthcare law did.
FOX News didn’t incentivize fast-food restaurants to scale back their benefits, your healthcare law did.
FOX News didn’t make doctors want to opt out, your health care did.
FOX News didn’t make insurance premiums skyrocket, your health care law did that.
Just like FOX News did not grant hundreds of exemptions to companies that needed them, you did.
And FOX News didn’t delay one key provision after another, including (just today) online enrollment for those small business exchanges. You did that, sir.
Just like it wasn’t FOX News that said, “We had to pass this to see what was in this.” You did. Or, was that Nancy Pelosi? Sometimes, I’m confused. but of this I am not.
FOX News didn’t redo basic math. sir, you did.
FOX News didn’t say you can cover 30 million more Americans and not see a hit in premiums, you did.
FOX News didn’t say you could throw in those with pre-existing conditions and not have to pay for it, you did.
FOX News didn’t all but say you can get something for nothing. You did.
FOX News didn’t come back years later and say, “Oh yeah, we did raise some taxes.” You did, “ just the other night.
Here’s where you are right about FOX News, however, Mr. President. We were on this very early. We can do math, and did. You cannot and did not. We said it and proved it. You didn’t and we’re suffering for it.
Take it from the numbers guy here at FOX. Numbers don’t lie. The number of Americans working part-time and nervous, the number of retirees days away from being dumped on exchanges, and anxious. The number of company bosses with news to pass along on those exchanges, still clueless. The number of doctors who want out. The number of congressmen opting out.
No, Mr. President, none of those numbers lie, but with all due respect, sir, I can only conclude, you do.
I know, I know, I know, you hate us at FOX, but please, please, look in a mirror and fast.
You think we’re the skunk at your picnic, but that does not mean we are the ones that stink, because that smell account isn’t coming from the folks reporting on your lawn. Mr. President, that smell is your law…..

Not included in the above transcript is Cavuto’s discussion post his monologue with Dr. Ari Friedman, pediatrician who recommends that people read the papers of Ezekiel Emanuel, brother to Rahm Emanuel who is now coming clean on a few of the negativities of Obamacare.

By the way, Cavuto was not done yet.

While Obama and thugs inc. are directing doe eyed zombies marks to an Obama sanctioned Obamacare web site aka the scene of the crime, let me say that only a damned fool would venture to a location where the truth is non-existent and the only thing there is the scam itself.

As for the assaults unleashed by the community organizer and klan of Communists, the channel of late has to my displeasure taken on a more liberal slant, which has unnerved quite a few of their regulars.

However, there are still a few reporters at Fox who know the numbers, the facts and will boldly go where Barack would prefer them not to.

The only thing that these individuals are guilty of is exposing endless the fallacies about Obamacare as espoused by Communists con artists.


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