Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NSA Czar/Egomaniac modeled war room after Star Trek's Enterprise

The inmates are indeed running the asylum.  What else can one say upon the revelations that NSA director, Keith Alexander, when in charge of the Army's Intelligence and Security Command at Ft. Belvoir, Virgina had the Information Dominance Center aka war room renovated to resemble the bridge on the Starship Enterprise with sound effects.

Even more offensive is that a gloating Alexander with his “collect it all” mentality no doubt swayed votes by impressing politicians with the renovated war room.

It has been previously reported that the mentality of NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander is captured by his motto ‘Collect it All’. It's a get-everything approach he pioneered first when aimed at an enemy population in the middle of a war zone in Iraq, one he has now imported onto US soil, aimed at the domestic population and everyone else.
But a perhaps even more disturbing and revealing vignette into the spy chief's mind comes from a new Foreign Policy article describing what the journal calls his ‘all-out, barely-legal drive to build the ultimate spy machine’….

Foreign Policy, September 9, 2013
…When he was running the Army's Intelligence and Security Command, Alexander brought many of his future allies down to Fort Belvoir for a tour of his base of operations, a facility known as the Information Dominance Center. It had been designed by a Hollywood set designer to mimic the bridge of the starship Enterprise from Star Trek, complete with chrome panels, computer stations, a huge TV monitor on the forward wall, and doors that made a ‘whoosh’ sound when they slid open and closed. Lawmakers and other important officials took turns sitting in a leather ‘captain's chair‘ in the center of the room and watched as Alexander, a lover of science-fiction movies, showed off his data tools on the big screen.
‘Everybody wanted to sit in the chair at least once to pretend he was Jean-Luc Picard,’ says a retired officer in charge of VIP visits.…
One can only hope that the NSA has a warp core breach and our Commie spying elitists in the vicinity at the moment of occurrence.

Cost of remodeled intelligence agency:  at least $2.4 billion.  To see specs, go here.


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