Saturday, September 14, 2013

Obama no longer a Democrat


Now that the presidential election of last year is in the distant past, it appears that Obama may have abandoned his domestic agenda and is now squarely focused on the Middle East, or to be more accurate, the “Muslim Agenda”. What is this agenda? The answer is simple – the Caliphate. Obama is setting up the Caliphate as quickly as possible for his Sunni Muslim Brotherhood brethren and it appears to be a top priority as he only has just over three years before his second term ends. Most “moderate” political thinkers will scoff at our repeated advocacy that Obama is Muslim but there is so much evidence that would suggest this is the case.
Let us make the case logically for those who do have open minds and are willing to listen to reason:
Prior to Obama’s election in 2008, he interviewed with George Stephanopoulos and confessed to being a Muslim:

How many Christians do you know that would have made that mistake?[...]

My goodness, how the media failed us and how we failed ourselves.  May God forgive all of those who voted for this deceiver of millions, correction billions.  H/t Grumpy Opinions.

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