Friday, September 6, 2013

Progressive Majority ALSO Rejects Obama's Syrian War agenda, Alan Grayson “Syria is Not our Problem.”

The mainstream media’s endless (as well as many on the right) reports this past week perpetrating the myth that ONLY Republicans are opposed to Obama's Syrian war agenda, in particular, the “fringe right” (???) is a LIE.

Many Progressive organizations and its members are taking a stand against U.S. military intervention in Syria and the numbers of Progressive Americans making their voice of opposition heard is overwhelming.

Below are just a few of the Progressive groups who oppose Obama’s Syrian war agenda but first a word from a Progressive loon (or maybe not???).

As for the big man in the video, who is he and what has he done with Alan Grayson?  Furthermore, will Obama succeed in silencing him?

Grayson’s site, as of this posting, Don’ has garnered 58,491 signatures of Progressives opposing Obama’s Syrian war agenda.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee sent a letter to Progressives in the House and Senate two days ago informing them that 73 to 82% of their Progressive base surveyed opposes Obama's Syrian war agenda.

The following results of PCCC’s survey as also laid out in their memo to Progressives on Capitol Hill:
  • 52% believe Obama and Kerry are lying.
  • Only 14% favor unilateral U.S. military action. Among those open to a coalition effort, 55% say that Obama must secure approval from the UN.
  • 80% say, regardless of the U.S.'s goal, narrow bombings will not achieve it.  who touts a membership of 360,000 polled its members and 80% of those who responded, oppose a U.S. military strike on Syria for pretty much the same reason that the rest of the country opposes a military strike on Syria.

According to Moveon.Org, 73% of its membership of 8 million opposes Obama’s Syrian war agenda.
 Just-Completed Member Vote Shows 73% of Members Want Congress to Oppose President’s Request for Authorization for Use of Military Force in Syria….
… We will mobilize to make sure our members’ and allies’ voices are heard in Washington and will work to prevent this nation from getting on the slippery slope to another ill-advised and unnecessary war….
As expected, the fanatics at Code Pink are all over this one having become John Kerry’s worst nightmare.

Environmentalists Against War (yes I said environmentalists) have also taken a stand against unconstitutional wars by the USA.

Even though Media Matters continues to shovel the , propaganda, to the disdain of some at MSNBC, the myth that opposition to Obama’s Syrian war is solely a Republican or a right wing “fringe” thing has been debunked.

In addition, the force feeding of disinformation by many on the right that Progressives who opposed Bush on the Iraqi war ten years ago, today support Obama’s Syrian war agenda has also been debunked.

While we may not like each other very much and share different views, in this instant, we are on the same page here, i.e., STAY OUT OF SYRIA.

#StayOutOfSyria   #NoSyrianWar


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