Sunday, September 29, 2013

Progressive Republican Establishment’s War on Ted Cruz Will Be to Their Detriment

For weeks now, the Republican establishment has engaged in an all out assault on Senator Ted Cruz.

In spite of Senator Cruz repeatedly setting the record straight, during last week’s non-filibuster filibuster, Dick Durbin and Tim Kaine repeatedly accused Cruz of threatening to shutdown the government on October 1st.

Such an assault is bad enough coming from the Progressives on the left but when the Progressive establishment on the right levies assaults, the red line has been crossed.

While it is not personal for Cruz, as a registered voter, it is damned personal to millions of Americans, present company included and come 2014, there will be hell to pay.

Published on Sep 25, 2013
At 02:46, TPNN's Jennifer Burke talks with Tim Constantine of the Capitol Hill Show about GOP establishment attacks on TEA Party Conservatives. Is the GOP content with losing?

The above video is pre-Ted Cruz’ non-filibuster filibuster but Ms. Burke is correct.  The all out assault on Senator Cruz by the Republican establishment is unpardonable.

One gets the impression that the Republican establishment is more than willing to help their comrades on the left reach their goal.

Warning to the Republican establishment, your days are numbered.  No do over’s.  You will see us in November 2014, at which time, we will reckon with you then.

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