Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Report: Just Passed Senate Resolution DOES Allow for Boots on The Ground

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By Gary P Jackson
The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee just passed a resolution granting President the use of force against Syria. As By Stephen Dinan and David Sherfinski at the Washington Times is now reporting, this resolution is far more open-ended than is being reported, and is misrepresent of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, that led America down a dangerous path, and into the Vietnam War....

I am at this point in a rather pissed off state of mind, so much so that I went on a rant writing the message below, while not grammatically correct, it's intent is to offend every Democratic family member and those that they have friended that may somehow be attached my personal FB page.

To all you nuts who voted for Obama because you were giving a brother a break, now say thank you Massa Obama for taking us back into war. I mean damn, we're not even out of Afghanistan yet and with a decimated military courtesy of the bro' in the White House, how soon do you think it will be before they bring back the draft that will, of course, call up your sons and DAUGHTERS????? And I haven't even hit upon all the dead and mangled Americans that will surely come about as a result of bootos being on the ground. Now say, thank you Massa Barack and I won't tell you what I think of you.

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