Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Retiring IRS Official, Lois Lerner, Negotiating for Immunity

The legal counsel of Internal Revenue Service official, Lois Lerner, who last spring pleaded the fifth during a hearing on the targeting of Tea Party entities by the IRS is now negotiating for immunity with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for Lerner’s testimony.

Daily Caller
‘….The Chairman did not adjourn the hearing, he recessed it. Ms. Lerner remains under subpoena. The Committee has not made any offer of immunity to Ms. Lerner. The Committee has, however, indicated a willingness to listen to any offers from her attorney about what she would testify to if it was offered…’
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01:22 – “…Because I'm asserting my right not to testify I know that some people will assume that I've done something wrong.  I have not…”

By Lerner asserting she has done nothing wrong, etc., the elitist perjured herself before Congress as well.

Some of the most loathsome people on the planet are granted immunity.

To make matter worse, this wench is retiring courtesy of the American taxpayer.

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