Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Response to Obama's Speech on Military Action in Syria – 09102013 (video)

“America’s credibility does not reside in one man.”

Rand Paul nails it all the way.

Obama’s dog and pony show intentionally timed to play out on the eve of the 911 attacks and last year’s protests and attacks on the U S Consulate and safe house in Benghazi, Libya should go down in history as not only a tactical error but an affront to the American people.

Obama, Kerry and the Progressive elites are guilty of changing the narrative every 8 hours, under the mindset that if they threw out enough variances one is bound to click in the hearts and minds of Americans.

Surely, they give themselves far too much credit.

It shined bright last night that Obama, the elitist and despotic narcissist sociopath knows nothing of the American spirit and the American people.  Obama is a clueless and heartless bastard who does not get the American people or how the terrorist attacks since 2001 have touched our souls.

Nearly five years later after being elected by atheists, Communists, Socialists, Muslims and low information voters, Obama is unfit to grace the Oval Office more than ever.




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