Monday, September 30, 2013

SNL Cold Open Mocks Obama, Obamacare 09292013 (Warnig colorful language)

screenshot snl cold open mocking obamacare 09282013

This past Saturday, Saturday Night Live started their new season mocking Obamacare. It is quite obvious that Obamacare is fodder for comedians when SNL is harder on Obama precious legislation than they were Ted Cruz.

Even stranger is that all of the individuals brought up on stage to testify on behalf of Obamacare played the role of an Obama zombie really well.  Although I don't really think such a role is hard for anyone on SNL.

They did, however, miss the boat on Obama's stage props. His props are always so much younger than the props used by SNL in their Mock Obamacare skit.

In any event, the skit was hilarious, on the mark and SNL will probably be banned from doing something like this again.  It's either that or this skit will be archived and scrubbed from the internet.

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