Monday, September 2, 2013

Ten Videos of the Madness in Egypt that the Media Refuses to Show

The Clarion Project
There’s a different side to the story; one that the Egyptian anti-Islamist activists are eager to show….
…’Egypt is feeling severe bitterness towards some Western media coverage that is biased to the Muslim Brotherhood and ignores shedding light on violent and terror acts that are perpetrated by the group … ,’ the Egyptian State Information Service said in an official statement on August 17….
…The tone of Egyptian social media outlets and activists, including some specifically translated for the Clarion Project, reflects this frustration. You won’t blame them after watching these videos.
1. Brotherhood Supporters Vow Jihad and to ‘Burn’ Christians
On July 5, the Clarion Project brought attention to a startling video showing supporters of ousted Egyptian President Morsi threatening jihad and suicide bombings and vowing to kill their Muslim enemies and to ‘burn’ Christians.

 2. Brotherhood Protest Features Children Declaring Willingness to Die
On August 1, the Clarion Project reported on photos and videos showing the Brotherhood demonstrators using children as props for martyrdom. It was no secret that the Egyptian military crackdown was coming. The Brotherhood deliberately put children in harm’s way for the Islamist cause.

9. Brotherhood Frames the Egyptian Military
Raymond Ibrahim deserves credit for finding this video. As he explains, it first appears that the soldiers inside the armored vehicle killed a Brotherhood demonstrator for no reason. This video shows that he was actually shot by a fellow protestor. He has written another article on this tactic.

Under the video:
فيديو يظهر إطلاق النار على أحد الإخوان من جهة أنصاره في الاسكندرية

Which translates to “Video showing the shooting of a hand Brotherhood supporters in Alexandria?

To continue reading and viewing more footage.

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