Monday, September 30, 2013

What do you call NSA freaks who ILLEGALLY Spy on Women? Stalkers!

It a letter from the NSA to Senator Chuck Grassley earlier this month, it was revealed that several NSA employees illegally and without permission used NSA surveillance equipment to spy and in some cases stalk women by successfully intercepting their telephone calls without their knowledge.

In several cases, the NSA staffer spied on a spouse, ex-spouse or lover. In one of two cases, they spied on a person of interest.

Overall, the NSA in their response letter to Grassley reported only 12 accounts of misuse. (See response letter at bottom of post.)

The staffers were reprimanded and in some cases they resigned.  

In the case of the stalker, he accessed information of nine females who were foreign nationals without permission and spied on them by listening to their phone calls for six years.  The same individual intercepted collected communications of an American twice.

One of the cases only came to light after one of the women on whom he was spying, a U. S. government employee shared concerns with a colleague that a man she was intimately involved with may be spying on her.

Under the Obama administration, CREEPY UNCLE SAM is getting creepier by the minute.  

How many more NSA staffers engaging in the seedy behavior of stalking, Americans will never know.  Furthermore, the repercussions of such behavior can prove dangerous if not deadly for the innocent.


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