Tuesday, September 17, 2013

White House Closed to Tours, Citizenry; Doors Wide Open to Lobbyists

Obama closes white house to public open to elitists and lobbyists

Government officials, between March and May 2013, 200 lobbyists met 344 times at the White House while at the same time, the White House was closed to Americans, non-lobbyists, non-elitists.
Don Crane, a top lobbyist for NARAL, a pro-choice group met with Obama twice. 

lobbyist visits to white house by employer screenshot washington examiner 0917203

Washington Examiner
…Joanna Acocella, who lobbies for the Apollo Group, which owns the University of Phoenix, part of the for-profit college industry where schools' steep tuition and dubious training have led massive portions of students to default on their loans and which has faced a crackdown by the administration, met with Patrick Hidalgo, deputy director of the White House Business Council, as part of a large group in May….
Roger R. Szemraj, who represents candy makers and other food interests, met with Doug McKalip, senior policy adviser for rural affairs, along with five other visitors. Cracking down on junk food in schools has been one of the first lady's signature campaigns….
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Several weeks ago D.C.’s Circuit Court ruled that Obama did not have to reveal to Americans the names of those who he or his staff met with at the White House.

Finally, let’s keep it real; while most Americans are barred from the White House, the red carpet is rolled out for Communists elitists, Muslims and lobbyists.


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