Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AFGE’s Letter to Obama: Declare National Emergency; Force Creditors to Defer Monthly Payment of Bills for Laid Off Workers

David Cox, President of AFGE sent a letter the other day to Barack Obama asking that under the government showdown Obama
(i) declare an emergency and enable FEMA to make zero interest loans to federal employees and DC workers who are presently not receiving a paycheck;
(ii) order utility companies to allow service uninterrupted of laid off federal and DC workers until paychecks have been restored;
(iii) force medical providers to defer deductibles and co-pays for laid off federal and DC workers and their families while continuing treatment as necessary;
(iv) order public transportation authorities, oil companies and grocery markets to extend a line of credit that would allow federal  and DC workers to procure necessities until their paychecks have been restored.
Below is an excerpt of other demands being made by AFGE to Obama.

These people either have a very good relationship with Obama or balls of steel.
I don’t see average hard-working Americans being able to procure any of the favors asked in the letter from the union Obama.

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