Monday, October 7, 2013

AMBER Alert Website Offline due to Government Shutdown, Michelle Obama’s ‘LET’S MOVE’ Website Remains Up and Running

See my follow up post entitled, "Obama Admin Attempting to Walk Back Take Down Amber Alert Site."

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The AMBER Alert system which is a “voluntary partnership between law-enforcement and broadcasters that issues urgent bulletins following cases of child abductions”, obviously a non-essential service has been taken offline due to the government shutdown but Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program, deemed essential by the Progressive elites remains up and running (see screenshots below and respective links at bottom of post).

Screenshot of Amber Alert site taken offline during to government shutdown.

Screenshot of Michelle Obama's Lets Move website which remains 
up and running during government shutdown.

 The intent, purely ideological and political, is to make Americans suffer while Obama, comrades and their media lapdogs push the narrative that Republicans are responsible for the government shutdown and the pain inflicted on Americans brought about by said shutdown.

This is yet another tactic straight out of Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals by Progressives to make Americans feel the pain, even the parents and family members of abducted children.  H/t The Blaze.
Flashing on spotlight on who feels pain and who doesn’t, Michelle Obama’s, pet project, “Let’s Move” has remained up and running.

Barack Obama’s Obamacare website which went online October 1st remains up and running in spite of the chaos and its failure to launch on so many levels.

Federal employed union representatives on Friday were allowed to return to work so that they could be paid while the rest of the federal employees laid off under the government shutdown remain out of work and must wait to be paid.

Progressives cannot stoop much lower than they have this past week.

As far as blaming the Republicans, one only needs but to close one's ears to Obama’s media lapdogs espousing White House talking points and think for oneself to realize that Obama and his comrades built this.  Thus, they own it.

John Hayward, in one tweet summed up the Obama administration’s takedown of the Amber Alert system.

Screenshot Tweet explaining Obama takedown of Amber Alert system 10072013

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