Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Bipartisanship" a word Obama uses when the cameras are rolling.

Bipartisanship a word that Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama has invoked on several  occasions during his tenure in the Oval Office for the sake of self-preservation and sticking it to the other guy.

The word is used when the cameras are running and Obama knows the country is watching. 
However, once cameras have gone dark, the mask comes off and Obama returns to the White House to dispatch minions to espouse meaningless talking points surrounding the word and for the most part, it ends there.

Occasionally within days of using the word, Obama will summon the other party to the White House merely for the record.  Much of the sessions are as meaningless as the word "bipartisanship" spilling from Obama's mouth.

After all, there was never any intent of the two sides coming to a meeting of the minds; it was nothing more than a performance to benefit the anointed one.

Five years of this dog and pony show and the media is finally catching on.
Republicans have been complaining that, despite his constant stream of rhetoric pleading for bipartisanship, President Obama has been one of the biggest opponents of America's political parties actually working together. Finally, five years after he first took office, even the Boston Globe has expressed disappointment in Obama's empty rhetoric. A long piece by Matt Viser of The Boston Globe explains how year-by-year and issue-by-issue how President Obama has called for bipartisanship but said “no” to [...]

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