Monday, October 14, 2013

Chris Cox, the Memorial Militia raises yet another question

Patriot Chris Cox Memorial Militia Maintains National Mall 
and Memorials in Washington, DC during Gov Shutdown

While many have reported the story angle of Chris Cox aka the Memorial Militia being the patriot that he is and for good reason, all have ignored the one thing that has been troubling me all week.
How many federal workers and volunteers does it take to do the job that Cox and his Militia are doing?

Since the government shutdown, under threat of penalty by the green shirts (the National Park Service), Cox continues to hold the line while federal workers hired to maintain the National Mall and memorials are home on paid leave (Yeah, I know they’re laid off but it is what it is.)
I suspect that the feds decided to leave Cox to his own devices assured that the patriot would eventually tire out and go away quietly.  That, however, has proven NOT to be the case.  See the Daily Mail’s 'Our veterans deserve a clean lawn': Shutdown-busting gardener tells how he was ordered off Lincoln Memorial by 'bully robocops'.

Typical Progressive and Obama lap dog, Don Lemon while he pretends to does not get it.

Since Cox who hails from South Carolina but I believe resides in Virginia began this mission, others from across America and those outside of the USA have joined him the pursuit of maintaining our memorials and National Mall in Washington, D.C.

As you see CNN’s Don Johnson among others, refers to Cox as “lawnmower man”, I prefer patriot.

Moving on.
Although many are volunteers, it is likely that the numbers of those doing the job courtesy of American tax dollars far exceeds the amount of volunteers assisting Cox in this endeavor.

That being the case, I suspect that the feds in collusion with the union would prefer the laid off workers who in 2011 return to their maintenance jobs sooner rather than later, if for no other reason than to save those jobs, get rid of Cox, keep the American people from questioning that which I query herein and because their bosses, i.e., the Progressive elites never do anything because it is the right thing to do.

The question remains, “how many paid maintenance workers has the Department of Interior hired to work in the National Parks Service?”

In the midst of the chaos, insanity and goings on in not just in Washington, D.C. but across the USA I hope in the coming weeks blog about other the countless unsung heroes out there.

However, being only one person, I welcome you to include links, videos, encounters of such individuals in the comments below, if for no other reason than to inspire fellow Americans. Thank you.

Why?  It is the right thing to do and because the mainstream media who gets their marching orders from the ruling class rarely tell these stories without an agenda to undermine and do harm.  Ignorance, lack of good will, faith and inspiration is a breeding ground for sheeple.

Why not deny them their sheeple?.

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