Tuesday, October 15, 2013

FRC - Values Voter Summit 2013 (videos)

Lost in the fray and the media’s assault on the right this past weekend was a conference of worthy note, i.e., the Family Research Council Values Voter Summit 2013.

Below are videos of the conference guest speakers but first I thought it worth pointing out the winners of the #VVS13 presidential straw poll as posted on FRC’s Facebook page by Tony Perkins:
Senator Ted Cruz - 42%
Dr. Ben Carson - 13%
Senator Rick Santorum - 13%
Senator Rand Paul - 6%
Senator Marco Rubio - 5%
‘The Values Voter straw poll reveals what conservative, Republican-leaning voters are looking for in a potential candidate. Values voters are looking for those who will refuse to be bound by the ‘can’t mentality’ of the establishment and will challenge the status quo.’ –

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