Monday, October 21, 2013

Hillary Ally, David Brock (WH Propaganda Machine, Media Matters) Pens E-Book “The Benghazi Hoax”

Because Americans will not allow the Benghazi cover-up by the White House to die a slow death, its Propaganda arm, Progressive David Brock of Media Matters has penned an e-book entitled “The Benghazi Hoax.”

Brock also an ally of Hillary Clinton who is scheduled to run for president in 2016 hopes to counter accusations levied at Clinton, Obama, the administration and its involvement in the September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya in which four Americans were assassinated, U. S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Ambassador, Sean Smith, Information Officer, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, Navy SEALs.

Of course Brock says it’s not all about Clinton and he may be partly right.
…Fox, a frequent focus of Media Matters’ work, had focused extensively on the attacks and aired pieces that Brock’s book pushes back on.
‘People have missed the fact that Benghazi was not only a tragedy, but it was a night of valor,’ said Brock….
…‘Politicians of both parties can be expected to be dragged through the mud, but I think there’s an element of the story that’s important, which was there was a dishonoring of men and women who try to keep us safe, for partisan political gain,’ he said. ‘And I think there should be general agreement that politicizing a tragedy that results in American deaths crosses a line….’
“…People have missed the fact that Benghazi was not only a tragedy, but it was a night of valor…”  Are you kidding me? Americans have held these four heroes and their families in the utmost esteem and we treat them with the greatest of respect, something of which cannot be said for the Obama administration from the non-leader down and his fellow Progressives who insist that there is no cover-up or scandal in play.

In fact, Progressives have been less than forthcoming to anyone questioning the events surrounding the deaths of four Americans, i.e., their families, elected officials and Americans demanding answers and accountability. See Politico’s article:  Clinton ally pens e-book: ‘The Benghazi Hoax’

Benghazi-MIA-Obama-Hillary-SC terrell aftermath

Media Matters also plans to make the Benghazi scandal political by blaming George Bush Republicans.

Setting the record straight, it is Progressives from Barack Obama down who has for years shown nothing but disdain for our military.

It is Barack Obama who neglected his duties during the Benghazi attacks because campaigning and getting re-elected took precedent over Islamic attacks on American sovereign territory and the death of Americans.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta stared into the eyes of family members mourning the death of their loved ones, lied to them and promised to bring their killers to justice knowing that they will not.  Point in case, no such effort has been made to date.

It is the White House, Department of State and Department of Defense who rewrote and redacted the official narrative of the events surrounding Benghazi, i.e., the not so final narrative of which was reiterated several days after the attacks by Susan Rice on five Sunday morning television shows in which Rice repeatedly blamed the video.

Hillary Clinton what difference does it make four dead Americans

All of the above for weeks, correction months treated Americans and the families of U. S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Ambassador, Sean Smith, Information Officer, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, Navy SEALs as if we all were a thorn in their sides.

It was Hillary Clinton who said “four dead Americans, what difference does it make?”

Benghazi phony scandals

It was Barack Obama who referenced Benghazi and countless other scandals as “phony scandals” even as proof continued to surface that they were anything but.

It is the Obama administration who has placed witnesses and their families under threat in witness protection programs while forcing witnesses to endure monthly polygraphs.

All the while Media Matters and their willing sock puppets i.e., the mainstream media continues to carry the water, propagandizing the tragic deaths of four gallant Americans while disrespecting and dismissing their families as if they were a fly buzzing around one’s head and now David Brock wants to speak of valor?

For example, Obama’s Evasive Letter to Benghazi Victim’s Father and BENGHAZI: Names of Commie elites who exited hearing en masse PRIOR to testimony of Patti Smith and Charles Woods, both of which were dismissive and offensive not only to the families of the Benghazi four but the American people.  In that it is clear that the grieving families of four Americans were an annoyance and of no concern to elected officials whose only interest is to cover-up and move on. The eBook and its intent should surprise no one.

Thus, with all of the records, hearings, denials, lies, cover-ups and Hillary on tape, re-written narratives Media Matters is going to have one hell of an uphill climb.

And yes, while America has always from the Republicans down acknowledged and paid homage to the Benghazi four, we will never forget how they called for help, fought for their lives to no avail and lost because someone gave the call to stand down on THREE OCCASIONS.

Regardless of the spin by the propagandist arm of the White House, it does nothing to change the fact.

So Media Matters is taking a shot at re-writing history to wash away the blood on Obama and Hillary’s hands.  I say, BRING IT!

What Brock will not provide is the truth and transparency on (a) who pushed the video. (b) gave the stand down order or (c) produce Jay Carney’s four line meme (untampered) dated September 10, 2011, one day before the Benghazi attacks as requested last week by Fox News, James Rosen referencing the meeting that Obama allegedly attended twenty-four hours beyond the attack on the
U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the attacks on the U.S. Embassies throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Carney’s meme allegedly states that on September 10, 2011, Obama “met with key national security principals to assure that as the eve of the 11th anniversary of 9/11 approached, steps were being taken to assure the protection of U.S. personnel and assets. It alluded further to meetings that John Brennan at that time had held….”

Apparently the meme too was a lie as proven by September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attacks on the U.S. embassies across the Middle East and South East Asia and the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Progressives are so full of themselves that it escapes them that their game of  blame the Republicans game is wearing thin especially when it hails from an administration with zero credibility and respect for those they were elected to serve.

Lastly, OBAMACARE will only going become more despised by the American people.

Thus it is necessary that this e-book aka Progressive revisionist history, the accusations of Republicans politicizing Benghazi and the deaths of four Americans gets Republicans so worked up that we lose sight of the prize come 2016.  In addition, blaming Republicans for politicizing Benghazi and four dead Americans is supposed to divert the attention of Americans away from Obama’s disastrous prize legislation, i.e., OBAMACARE.

Now you got it, Progressives want to hold on to Obamacare, the Senate, regain the House anyway they can and since they believe that they beat Republicans back with a stick by blaming the government shutdown on Republicans, they have concluded that if it worked once, it will work again.

P.S.:  Failed to note that the House Congressional Committees are getting closer to the White House involvement in many of the scandals.  Brock’s book can also be seen as the first volley at Republicans and Americans to keep us bay.


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