Sunday, October 6, 2013

Man who set himself on fire at National Mall dies of self-inflicted injuries. Is this the commencement of Obama’s own Arab Spring?

Do either of the incidents that have occurred these past few weeks
including that of the Aaron Alexis, the D.C. Navy Yard shooter mark 
the commencement of a Barack Obama Arab spring in the USA?

Twenty-four hours after the shooting of Miriam Carey by D.C. police, a man doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire.  The self-immolation occurred just blocks away from where Carey was killed and on Friday night, he, who remains unidentified, died of self-inflicted injuries.

The man's burns were so severe that he has still not been identified, and authorities will have to use DNA and dental records to trace him….
… Witness Katy Scheflen said she saw a tripod up near the man but that she did not hear him say anything intelligible before he set himself on fire….

As I prepare this post, I find myself wondering (i) if these incidents are connected, (ii) if either of the incidents are a distraction or (iii) do either of these events including that of the Aaron Alexis, the D.C. Navy Yard shooter mark the commencement of Barack Obama’s Arab spring?

Whatever they are labeled, so many false flag events, acts of terror, Americans becoming unhinged all under Barack Obama, all within 4 ½ year period should concern us all.


…From reports, we know that Carey started acting strange after she fell, some time ago, and hurt her head. It seems as though some filter we must all have in our head to keep us relatively calm amongst an ever growing surveillance state was shut off in her mind….
...A shooting many, many blocks away at the Naval Yard, resulted in the Senate going into lock down. A women, who feared the state, driving with a baby, and unarmed, caused the entire Capitol to be locked down. Who is really paranoid here, the woman who did die at the hands of the state? Or government leaders diving behind desks and sending out their hired muscle to eliminate the “threat”?...

In addition, these incidents are all occurring in the height of or not long after joint training exercises by the police state?

… One interesting item of note is that this event coincided with a government sanctioned drill called Capital Shield 14 that was happening in the DC area today. Historically we have seen several media sensationalized events and assorted government run terror operations that have occurred on the same day as similiar types of drills and exercises. The Boston Marathon bombing that happened just this past April is one recent example but other events like the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London subway bombings also fit into this category. Whenever something like this happens it raises serious questions as to the true nature of the actual event because drills are often used as cover for real government financed terrorist and psychological warfare operations…


As reported by the media, Carey complained that she was under electronic surveillance by Barack Obama.  Reality check:  She was and she’s not the only one….NSA?  The police state.  Hello?
What the hell is going on here?

Can’t see the baby OR the body????  No doubt, there is a cover up in play by the police state.  Are officials delaying the release of this woman’s body because of what an autopsy done before long might reveal?

And what of the baby?  Give the baby to the family.  No doubt, the little has been since Thursday screaming for her mother.  Hasn’t she been through enough?  Executing her mother before her eyes has done enough damage to last this baby a lifetime.

Oh my bad, we’re dealing with an administration who views children under the age of 2 as something less than human.  Thus, the family of Miriam Carey should be very concerned.

It could also be that officials are holding the child as leverage against the family.  In other words, Miriam Carey’s baby is being indefinitely detained and her Constitutional liberties denied.  Is THAT scary enough for you America?

As more information surfaces (hopefully not disinformation but we know better), maybe the answers will come, at least for the family.

Are Obama zombies along with Barack Obama, their messiah also becoming unhinged or can it be that as the malignant narcissist  himself unravels before our eyes that he is attempting to  take as many as he can with him by manipulating his zombies into a heightened state of unrest?

I reiterate, are Americans witnessing while not yet recognizing the commencement of Obama’s own Arab spring?

Are we witnessing the result of Obama’s nudge agenda shoving Americans over the edge?  Because if that’s the case, then America is indeed in chaos and this is only the beginning.

Just asking.  Why?  Because someone has to.  There is too much going on under the Obama regime for Americans not to be suspicious and for Americans not to demand answers to these questions.  To take the narrative of a thugocracy at face value is not only foolish but to be complicit.


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