Monday, October 14, 2013

Million Vet March on Stalag DC

Re-blogged from Sara Noble - The Independent Sentinel 
Two of us from the Sentinel – Desiree Moore and I - just returned from DC and it’s after midnight. The journey was long because we spent hours on New Jersey’s famous parking lot – the New Jersey Turnpike. I will post some video tomorrow but I didn’t want to end the night without saying something about Day 2 in DC and the Million Vet March on the DC Memorials. 

Check out this photo of the National Archives. Do you notice something? 

National-Archives-400x300 10142013 Image courtesy of Sara Noble, Independent Sentinel 10132013

Sara Noble and Desiree Moore had a ringside seat to Sunday's events and they have confirmed that which we all suspected, Washington, D.C. is a mess and Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama the creator of this nightmare. 

One of the many points made in the above article: Shame on Progressives and their media lapdogs as it is sad day in the United States when Americans must turn to to get our news. Welcome back Sara, Desiree. Job well done, patriots. 

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