Saturday, October 12, 2013

New England Blogger's close call; The Night the Pine Tree came crashing down

In the midst of a rainstorm earlier this week and a tornado watch in effect here in Brooklyn, we dodged the bullet.  However, further north, it was an even closer call for many.

Patriot, blogger and friend, Bee Sting of Americans Stand with Israel , was among those in the path and affected by the Monday night’s storm.  While she was off the radar for a few days, we thank God that all is well as she shares her story below.

"As some of you know, Beesting had a close encounter with a falling tree..

Quiet and Peaceful, before the storm
This blog has been "quiet" for the past two days. I am posting photos taken in my yard yesterday morning. On Monday evening, a brief thunderstorm arrived, with heavy winds and lightening: Lovely day - before the storm What remains of the tree that fell! Fallen branches throughout the yard. Lots of "clean up" necessary! An 80 foot pine tree snapped (hit by lightening)...
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H/t and a hearty thank you to Grumpy Elder who kept us informed.

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