Monday, October 7, 2013

Obama Admin Attempting to Walk Back Take Down Amber Alert Site

See my original post entitled, "AMBER Alert Website Offline due to Government Shutdown, Michelle Obama’s ‘LET’S MOVE’ Website Remains Up and Running."

Countless “official” narratives floating about this afternoon continue to change by the minute after news surfaced going viral yesterday that the  national AMBER Alert system website run by the DOJ was taken offline due to the government shutdown while at the same time, the Department of Justice website and Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” program deemed essential remains up and running.

For the record, the national AMBER Alert system website run by the DOJ appears to have been restored but rather than remove the takedown page ( which for a while earlier today was redirecting to an online site, one must now go through the following links to access the national Amber Alert website,, and

(Confused? Outraged?  That’s their intent.)


All one needs to do is to tweet any of the following: “#amberalert”,  “#amberalertshutdown”, “amber alert” or “amber alert shutdown” to realize that the Obama administration is desperate to cover its tracks, correction walk back the administration’s revolting political stunt play scheme ruse, the latest of which abducted children and their families are tools.

This latest political stunt play scheme ruse using abducted children and their families as tools for said stunt play scheme ruse has not only  backfired on the Obama administration, said stunt play scheme ruse exposes Obama and his Commie elites for whom they are, i.e., a bunch of despicable low lifes and sickos.

Even though there are more than enough narratives out there to make one’s head spin, it remains obvious that the takedown of the Amber Alert site or the purposeful illusion thereof is a concerted effort to lay the blame at the feet of Republicans and those whom the Progressive thugocracy are working overtime to portray as jihadists.

Finally, not everyone is buying all of the changing narratives.

Freedom Works
…Someone went out of their way to redirect the AMBER Alert page to make it look like a casualty of government shutdown. At this time it's not clear who gave such a directive, but what is clear is that redirecting the site was intentional. Let that sink in. Someone in this administration decided to redirect the AMBER Alert site, making it difficult to access information about abducted children in order to score political points.…. 


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