Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obama Escalates Inflict the Pain Campaign - USDA Orders States to Withhold November Food Stamps

A few days ago, the USDA sent a letter to each of the fifty (50) states ordering that the states withhold food stamp distribution for the month of November if the debate on the partial government shutdown and the debt ceiling remains unsettled (below).

October 11 letter from USDA ordering states to withhold 
NOVEMBER food stamps.  Image courtesy of 
Crossroads Urban Center, Facebook page.

Pursuant to earlier posts Food Stamp Recipients Fraudulently Empty Walmart Shelves in Midst of EBT Card Glitch and Computer Glitch Blamed For Nationwide EBT System Shutdown On Saturday, it is now evident that last Saturday’s EBT system-wide glitch was anything but a glitch. The artificial glitch was a smoothly calculated litmus test of two extremes as implemented by the Obama administration.

How so?

On one end, the takedown of the EBT system prevented food stamp recipients in 17 states from procuring food for their families while allowing others to empty the shelves of two Walmarts in Louisiana of everything from food to electronic.

In essence, the faux glitch was a success and that Obama has the capability at whim to inflict pain and to starve tens of millions of Americans.

Thus the poor are now not only at Obama’s mercy but a pawn in Obama’s game to destroy Republicans, the U. S. Constitution, Congress, seize control of the economy and hold dominion over the American people.

What many continuously fail to realize is that this is all by design.

EXTORTION Unless Obama gets power of the purse, nation will default, the poor will starve

Rep. McClintock (R-Ca) Breaks Down The Debt Crisis

…There is a report out that says the President believe he's going to ‘reorder’ the [balance of] power in Washington between the branches with this exercise….

If Obama continues to thwart the shutdown, expect the s*** to hit the fan across America just in time for the holidays and long enough for panic to set in.

Obama’s minions make it appear as though they are incapable of getting the Obamacare health line to run satisfactorily while in the midst of pulling their latest act of deception successfully implementing the system fail of the EBT card system for 17 hours last Saturday.

It pays to note that the chaos that erupted in Louisiana and nearly erupted in 17 states is a foretelling of what to when entitlement dependent aka gimme mentality Americans with no survival skills become desperate in particular and as a direct result of Obama and collusionists espousing class warfare rhetoric for the past five years.

Chaos, economic and global collapse would play directly into the hands of Progressive ideologues across the planet.

Let this serve as a warning to anyone sitting on their backsides living off the government dole because (a) some sense of entitlement and (b) they’re too damned lazy to earn a living.

Communism has killed millions.  Sitting there like dolts, staying up all night and sleeping the day away because Obama says it is cool is to commit oneself to becoming a casualty of Communism.


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