Friday, October 25, 2013

Obamacare Navigator Terminated after Discussion w/Sean Hannity, Hannity to Pay Her Salary

It started earlier this week when Sean Hannity phoned an Obamacare exchange center and reached navigator, Earline Davis.  Hannity queried the navigator for several moments about Obamacare and how most callers feel about Obamacare.

Earline Davis, God bless her heart is a young mother who was never instructed by her employer with whom she had health insurance not to speak with the media.  However, in spite of doing her job as she was hired to, Davis' honesty touched a nerve with those scheming to keep Americans in the dark aka the powers that be.  The price for Davis’ honesty and doing her job was termination.

I wonder if the same would have applied had she talked with MSNBC.  I doubt that very much.

Hannity “gifted” the money to Ms. Davis and one of her kids so she wouldn’t have to pay taxes (way to go, Hannity).  Now THAT is going to piss of the Progressive elites.

As one door closes, through the love and Grace of God, another opens….to the disdain of those who court evil.

God bless Earline Davis, her family, now one of the better or first known victims of Obamacare and Sean Hannity whom is not afraid to right the wrongs committed against Ms. Davis by her former employers.

In the meantime, Kathleen Sebelius whose salary we DO pay continues to do her dog and pony show around the Obamacare train wreck along with her boss, Barack Terrorista Hussein Obama who has not lost his job either.

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